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What is Conjunctivitis or "Pink Eye"

Conjunctivitis or “Pink Eye”can be caused by conditions including allergies, contact lenses, infection and eye injury. The conjunctiva is the thin, clear membrane over the white part of the eye. It also lines the eyelids. During Pink Eye – the conjunctiva becomes inflamed resulting in redness and irritation.

Symptoms of Pink Eye can include:

• Redness & Watering
• Itching & Burning and/or Pain
• Light Sensitivity
• White, Yellow, or even Green Discharge
• Blurry Vision
• Headache and/or Eye Strain
• Flu-like symptoms

Forms of Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye include:

Viral Conjunctivitis
is the most contagious form and typically occurs in conjunction with a cold or flu. Similar to the flu, it can be easily spread so avoiding contact with the infected individual and keeping your hands clean (and not touching your facial area) can assist in preventing the spread of infection. If someone in your household is sick, try not to share their towels, washcloths, pillowcases, etc.

Bacterial Conjunctivitis is a common causes of pink eye in contact lens patients as well as in children. Typically, is not contagious to others but can spread from one eye to the other if the infected eye is touched or rubbed a lot.

Allergic Conjunctivitis often accompanies the other common allergy. Pink eye due to allergies can be triggered by pollen, pet dander, contact lens wear, diet, chemicals, dust, smoke, etc.

Inflammatory Conjunctivitis
is pink eye caused by some irritation to the eye (i.e. contact lens over-wear, getting dust or dirt in the eye, chemical exposure, crying, lack of sleep, dryness of the eye (from staring at a computer, or being in a windy or drafty place), injury to the eye, etc.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Conjunctivities

It is very important when you have pink eye to determine if your pink eye is contagious or can damage the eye. The Optometrists at Eye Associates of Cayce - West Columbia can assist in diagnosing the source of Conjunctivitis through an eye examination.

Based on this diagnosis, a treatment protocol will be established which typically includes special eye drops for the patient.

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