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Welcome to Eye Associates of Greater Columbia

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Eye Associates of West Columbia SC consists of staff Optometrists and affiliated Ophthalmologists who provide the highest quality eye care - including routine eye exams, vision exams, eye health testing, the detection and treatment of eye disorders and eye diseases. The objective of our examination is to prevent significant vision loss and blindness - increasing the quality of a patients life by using the most advanced equipment and technology.

Columbia Eye Exams

The eye examination consists of two parts: Eye Health & Vision Examination.

The Eye Health Examination is an evaluation and treatment of eye conditions, including but not limited to the detection and treatment of:
• Glaucoma
• Cataracts
• Macular Degeneration (AMD)
• Retinal Detachment
• Diabetes (can cause bleeding in the eye)
• Neurological eye signs
• High Blood Pressure
• Systemic Inflammations as in arthritis or lung disease
• Eye Allergies & Dry Eyes
• Eye Infections (i.e conjunctivitis/pink eye)
• Chronic lid disease (i.e. ptosis)
• Visual field defects (caused by strokes, tumors, or glaucoma)
• Eye Injury
• Post-operative care of glaucoma, cataract, and refractive surgery

The Vision Examination is the portion of the examination is where we evaluate:
• Visual Clarity
• Refractive issues (i.e. changes in prescription)
• Suitability of your eyes for laser vision (LASIK) or refractive surgery
• Contact lens compatibility / Fitting
• Color vision & Depth perception
• Visual field
• Ocular muscle coordination and motility

Our eye exams are state-of-the-art vision evaluations. Eye Associates has served the greater Columbia SC for over 45 years and our Optometrists attend continuing education throughout the year and we are always questing to improve our level of care. The field of Optometry is a very dynamic profession and there is always new technology, research and instrumentation to keep up with.

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