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What is Presbyopia

Presbyopia is a health condition where the eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects. Similar to grey hair and wrinkles, presbyopia is a symptom caused by the natural course of aging. The first symptoms (described below) are usually first noticed between the ages of 40-50.

Presbyopia is rapidly rising in due to the growing rate of older citizens in the US. When people develop presbyopia, they find they need to hold books, magazines, newspapers, menus and other reading materials at arm's length in order to focus properly. When they perform near work, such as embroidery or handwriting, they may develop headaches, eye strain or feel fatigued.

Treating Presbyopia

Eyeglasses are the most common correction for presbyopia. Because the human lens continues to change as you grow older, your presbyopic prescription will need to be increased over time as well. The optometrists at Eye Associates of Cayce / West Columbia can prescribe a stronger correction for near work as you need it and, when appropriate, they can also recommend advanced elective surgical procedures including LASIK eye surgery.

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