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What is Retinitis Pigmentosa?

Retinitis Pigmentosa is a rare, inherited disease in which the retina of the eye slowly and gradually degenerates. As Retinitis Pigmentosa progresses, night blindness generally precedes tunnel vision by years or even decades. Many patients do not become legally blind until their 40s or 50s and retain some sight all their lives. Others do go completely blind, in some cases as early as childhood. Progression is different in every case.

Retinitis Pigmentosa Symptoms

Decreased vision at night or in low light
Loss of side (peripheral) vision
Loss of central vision (in advanced cases)

Retinitis Pigmentosa Diagnosis

At Eye Associates of Cayce - West Columbia - visual acuity, refraction, color testing, and peripheral vision testing are all part of a complete eye examination in a patient who is suspected of having a retinal degeneration.

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